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Our firm offers a broad range of integrated Health IT related services from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) assessment, Electronic Health Record (EHR) Management, and EHR Integration to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance and ERP/EHR Training. We utilize our experience in reviewing medical records and knowledge of medical billing and diagnosis codes to investigate, analyze and render opinions on the delivery and billing of healthcare. Our world has been radically transformed by the current sweeping changes imposed on the system as we know it. A high-level priority is to work vigilantly to eradicate nationwide healthcare fraud. Starks Industries is uniquely prepared to work within our patient-centered model approach to the continuum of care that incorporates technologies and processes that integrate primary care and behavioral health services into the same healthcare spectrum. Our SMEs understand the benefits of EHR and are certified Healthcare professionals that stay current with the ever-changing developments in the eHealth industry. We accomplish an exceptional clinical user experience and better patient outcomes with ERP, Medical Records Coding, Interoperability, Integrated Healthcare and Training & Education.

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